Client: RPA
Systems Used: MacTITE
Start Date: 15/07/2003
Finish Date: 17/11/2003
Revetment Wall
Hemmant   Queensland
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In 2003, RPA Constructions had a proposal for us to help in constructing a new revetment wall along the Brisbane River in Hemmant. This revetment wall would be used for the access onto new jetties for a new marina park.

RPA asked us for some assistance in trying to achieve a wall system where 4.0 metres of the existing bank was to be removed and a wall consisting of pre-cast concrete panels be installed.

The ground conditions encountered were difficult due to low strength marine clay and erratic placement of boulders. The sheet piling wall would be designed using a deadman anchoring system configuration. The duality of supporting the pre cast panels was also utilised.

Our sheet piling was installed into the existing bank. The existing ground was then removed from the front face of the sheet piling and the pre-cast panels lowered into place. The void between the sheet piling and the concrete panels was poured in situ as reinforced concrete.

The dead man anchors enabled a hardstand area to be constructed away from the revetment wall to allow for vehicle and pedestrian access. Jetties were then constructed out into the river for access to the marina.

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